Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Read "Thirst for Chaos" now!

Clicky, clicky.

That was recently sold to Jungle Age, a new site that is trying to make itself known. I strongly encourage you to check it out, and tell the site owners how much you love my writing :-)

I should note that their posting system is awkward, which resulted in them trying to tinker with the story to make it viewable. Thus, no paragraph breaks. I assure you that I

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

General update on all projects

Lots of furious typing going on these days, and a good bit of audio production as well. Let's run down the list of projects so you can see how I fill up my free time (which mainly happens after the kids and wife go to sleep).

THE BRASS RING -The first in a potential trilogy of novels, being written by commission. The outline is approved by the editor and I'm plowing through the required 50K word count. This is an urban crime novel, focusing around a family in power. The patriach wants to expand into white collar crime and get into the LA market, but it's proving difficult. I want the main character here to be scary, like, Lex Luthor scary. He's smart, quick, and deadly.

RED PLANET RISING -This is an anthology I'm putting together, featuring some amazing writers. Josh Reynolds, Barry Reese, Curt Fernlund, Ed Ainsworth, and about ten more people are on board. I'll probably bug Brandon Wilt for cover art in a couple months. The anthology concept involves Mars, and each story will have the planet as a critical story element in some way. Each story is a max of 6K words, linked to Mars. That's the only guideline writers were given, so I'm excited to see what they turn in!

THIRST FOR CHAOS -Nearly done with this short story. 5K words max, to be posted on a new site coming soon. This was a pitch for the Black Library that got ignored, but has now been sold to a new buyer. Almost done writing it, and it's a ton of fun to be working in sword & sorcery fantasty again. The characters are based on a Nordic archetype, so lots of big swords and pillaging.

DEALTICKER & MAIN STREET HOST -Lots of articles for these two companies. I pump out maybe 15 articles a day between the two of them. They are easily my two biggest clients at the moment, and it's fortunate that they are run efficently by some awesome people. Both these clients provide longterm, ongoing work, and I'm proud to be working with them.

CITYWALKSZ TOURS -I completed the Lisbon, Portugal tour last week and am now working on a waklign tour of Dubrovnik, Croatia. It's a very long, tedious process to edit/process the voice over I lay down, but worth it. Lots of fun, great expierence. Finding royalty-free music that fits the culture is a challenge, though.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Duotrope can suck it

I just discovered that as of Jan 1 that Duotrope is now limiting access to paying members. $5/month to see listings of sites I could just Google? No thanks. In a related story Duotrope was just removed from my Favorites tab.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Thirst for Chaos = SOLD

Awhile ago, The Black Library held their annual submission contest. I know a guy that works with them a lot (and you know him, too) and asked for advice on submitting a prop. It's all Warhammer stuff, which I love from my youth, and I pulled together a writing sample and solid story idea.

Never heard back from The Black Library. Apparently, they just ignored every submission and didn't tell anyone, choosing to focus on their established writing pool instead of ushering in hopeful newbs.

That obviously doesn't sit well with me, but to each his own. It's their business and they can do what they want, even if it was a giant middle finger to potential writers that thrive on feedback.

Move forward to yesterday, when I answered a posting asking for fantasy story submissions. I got to talking with their editor, revised my Black Libary prop, and resubmitted the idea. It got accepted, and BAM! Another story sold.

"Thirst for Chaos" will be a 5K word short about Bolstagg Frielander and his ethical dilemna with deciding to either vanquich a comrade-in-arms who is being corrupted by black magic, or allow him to flee due to his past good deeds (hoping his will is strong enough to fight off the infection).

It will eventually go to, a recently created site undergoing revision.

Hear that sound? It's the sweet music of cash hitting my back account.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Books, books, and more books

Reading, writing, reading, writing...that seems to be the name of the game when it comes to my free time. If I'm not nose-deep in reading a book, I'm knuckle-deep typing one up.

Yes, that's correct! Yours truly has been commissed to write a series of novels. The only thing I can say at the moment is that it falls within the urban crime genre. An excellent type of subject matter to work within, and one I honestly prefer to write.

Gritty, dark, revenge type stories are my bread and butter. I've revised the submitted summary and have gotten into these characters' heads already. I'm charging through and the 50K word count shouldn't be a problem.

50K? It's my own persoanl NaNoWriMo. Only this one comes with a contract promising compensation.

Good news, kids! Daddy is taking you on a whirlwind tour of NYC's gutter trash. Perhaps the next time you're in a book store, you'll search for a little tome that shall be called, "The Brass Ring."