Monday, October 28, 2013

Hardcore Applications!

It's a virtual whirlwind of activity over the last few days as far as bidding for new gigs goes. On the audio front, I submitted for around 20 jobs. My quotes are fairly competitive I feel, so hopefully we'll see if I get awarded any of those jobs. On the writing front, I have very serious prospects in with Dot Com Media, ErieDrive, and a few other private groups. Lots, and I mean LOTS, of work available here, so let's hope this pans out. I've gotten a few paid sample requests from them, so huzzah! I got in with one client only to drop him right away. They wanted me to pay a third party auditor to verify the authenticity of my work. Sorry. Not how I operate, especially for the pennies on the dollar fee I was making compared to my normal rate. I don't really mind it so much, it's just the principle of the thing. I shouldn't be paying someone else so that I can get paid in the first place. It's redundant. Sent out a few more portfolios this morning. Fingers crossed!

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