Friday, October 7, 2011


Another week in writing, another few dollars made. Things only seem to be picking up for this fledgling freelancer, as I obtained several more commission articles and a few pieces of audio production. I also got some insane offers, which baffle me. Just because I am a freelancer does not mean that I will lance for free. I'll explain:

I got an offer yesterday to be a staff writer for Steel City Magazine, which is Pittsburgh based. At first glance that seems awesome because I live in Pittsburgh and I really love it here. However, I was quickly informed that I would not be paid for the articles I write. Instead, I would be offered 20% of the advertising that I signed. That's right, I would not only have to provide content, but I would have to go make advertising sales as well. C'mon... Do people fall into that trap? Seriously? Because those people deserve to not get paid. the creative and sales departments should never intertwine; that's where conflict of interest comes from.

I also got an offer to be an editor for an erotic, I'm probably not going to take that job. If Grandma Golightly can't look at it, then I'm not going to do it. I'm not desperate enough to throw away my scruples (scruples is a word I have decided to work into conversatin more often). I'm not on a moral high horse here, I just think that if there's a chance that I could be shamed into not promoting my work that I probably shouldn't be doing it.

I rewrote some content for Amazing Mutts, added more reviews to Get Exclusiv!, sold an article to Social Skyline, mixed an intro for a podcast hosted by Situations the Game, edited someone's ebook, and edited what I've written so far of my own novel.

The novel, by the way, is called "Prodigal Son" and used to be featured at Revenance before the site went belly-up. Some may remember the three part adventure that was hosted there starring my urban fantasy, paranormal investigator Felix North. I sliced out some scenes, extended others, and rewrote the prologue to work better as a full length novel instead of an episodic series (which it was originally intended to be). Where will this novel be published? Well, I'm not saying yet, because I'm still talking with the editor about how to best promote the book. The deadline is January 1st, 2012.

Probably not going to get any writing done this weekend, as we're hitting two community fairs. Autumn Leaf Festival in Clarion (where my wife went to college) and the Franklin Apple Festival (where...someone did something at some point). These fairs aren't really my thing, but I want to spend time with my wife and visit friends.


  1. Sounds like you are rather busy. Good to see that your Revenance bit is going somewhere that it might flourish.

  2. Thanks! Hopefully you're busy, too.