Friday, October 28, 2011


Lots of sales this week, a few commissions, and a bunch of web content. It's another busy week at this casa, and the new job is putting some straing on my writing time.

At my old job I had all time to write. I was able to do two things at once, but now I'm limited to just working on my writing during my lunch hour. I've been staying up late, often until 2am, to get production squeezed in as well as some writing time. It's rough, but it's worth it.

I did more content for,, and a few bits of research for a collection of places that aren't worth mentioning. I produced spots for a few UK companies, and even got in touch with some of my old DJ coworkers at Forever Broadcasting to do some lines for me. It's nice to have a network of productive, talented people.

"Stranded With A Killer" got an overhaul and I'm starting to look for places to sell the story to once it's done. I'll take suggestions! Keep in mind, this is a space noir murder mystery pulp adventure...with chicks. Got to have chicks, man, or Joel McHale won't pay attention.

BY THE WAY - Stay far away from The Rag. I inquired about their submission process and the editor, Daniel Reilly, wrote me back to tell me that online submissions must pay a sum of $3.00 for consideration. WTF? Are you serious? You want me to pay for you to take a look at something you're thinking of buying?

Oh, wait, it's cool because they offer people who make online submissions $4.00 off a yearly subscription! Well, that makes it all better, doesn't it! You still have to pay the remaing amount for the yearly subscription, of course. They claim to pay their writers upwards of $250 per piece, which I find highly unlikely since they've only had one issue released.

This is obviously a scheme to get novice writer to give them money. I doubt a third of the submissions are even looked at. Don't waste your time, save your money, and send your hard work into a site that will actually take you seriously as a professional.

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