Saturday, October 15, 2011



Got really busy this week, and not just with writing and producing. I started a new job yesterday, in a new career field. My previous employer was fantastic, but I had to resign for a number of reasons. I won't go into it here, but I will say the decision to change jobs was purely from a logistics standpoint. No ill will harbored here, and I truly hope that I have an opportunity to return to them someday (for the right amount of money). Everyone at my new company is really nice and I'm looking forward to moving up the corporate ladder.

Anyway, back to what you're all here for. Here's the rundown of all the work I did this week:

Five articles for Get Exclusiv! (coming soon; owner is away on business)
Content for Amazing Mutts
Promo for Fresh Radio
Promo for Fashion Show Inc
Promo for KuduBids
Commercial for The Prophecy 23
Article for Things I Fear
Content for a Super Bowl 2012 site (launching soon)
Article on Kindle Fire vs the Nook (site unspecified)
50 polling questons on comics and books (site unspecified)
Article on the LA Staples Center (site unspecified)

Plus, I did some work editing on an autobiography. Sadly, because of time contraints, I had to drop this project. The book is awesome: this guy really went through a lot in his life, through many amazing circumstances that would be hard to pull yourself up from. However, he did pick himself up. Really nice guy, and I'm dissappointed that I won't have time to work with him on the rest of the project.

I did absolutely no work on my own writing this week. Just too busy. And it super-sucks because the deadline for my novel is fast approaching. The stuff that pays immediately is going to have to take a step back if I plan on actually making my deadline. We'll see.

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