Thursday, September 8, 2011

And so it begins...

If you've stumbled upon this humble blog, more than likely you are someone who has mistakenly clicked the wrong link. Perhaps you were searching for the renowned composer with the same name, or the Hollywood moron responsible for the insults that were the Dresden Files TV series on SyFy and the Ghost Rider film. Or perhaps you were looking for a laxative. Or diabetic candy.

Yes, I share a surname with all of these entries into your search engine of choice, but only I can boast of...well, nothing yet. Yet. I'm working on that, which happens to be the purpose of this blog.

I'm a writer. I write. According to one pompous philosopher, therefore, I am. I used to write for a newspaper, and then got picked up by a radio conglomerate as a producer and copywriter. From there I moved into obscurity, where I fended off hordes of fans with a very big stick or a rocket laucher (whichever was closer at the time of incursion).

Or something like that. My memory is a bit foggy and I may have embellished at least some of that last paragraph. It's a writer's prerogative to do just that.

I've sold many scripts, produced hundreds of spots, and even interviewed my fair share of b-list celebrities (most of which turned out to be f-list). Right now, I'm working on getting my original fiction work sold into the online marketplace. The sweet smell of rejection is always around, but occasionally, and these days much more often, I do come across that malicious odor of success.

This blog will catalogue my attempts, successes, and failures at getting my stories out there. Follow along, comment, persuade, entice, and advise. If you're so inclined, you could even proof read, discourage, and mock. I'll also be linking to publications that are actively buying, because I know of more than a few people in this little community of ours that will appreciate such things.

And so, with an unapologetic cry of guttural enthusiasm, here we go!

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