Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Client List

So, it appears I have signed on two regular clients. Both have upcoming websites that they would like me to provide copy for on a monthly basis. One is a TV review site (link forthcoming) and the other...well, I don't really know what it is. Something tied to Amazon. I've written three articles for the guy and he insisted that specific items within the articles could be traced to Amazon. Whatever. Link also forthcoming.

I met both of these guys through Fiverr, which I am still highly promoting. I feel lucky that I've stumbled onto a few people there that desire more work than what the site was actually built to provide. Now that they've agreed to become standard clients of mine I'll be switching off of Fiverr (just for these two gents) and use direct billing invoices through PayPal.

Also got a lead this morning for a web content writer for a business located right here in Pittsburgh. I have a good feeling about that one, so fingers crossed.

By the way, still working through the sequel to my last Wendell Null story and hope to have that finished by the end of the week. So long as I can find the time to write actual fiction, that is, instead of all this work for hire stuff. You know, since this blog is supposedly about me writing fiction.

Sliced together a quick spot for another guy for his Gem Fortunes business. One of these "You'll make seventy billion dollars in two days!" deals. Did that pretty quick last night, and was amazed at just how much free imaging there is available online. Imaging, for those not in the know, are sound effects and audio zingers used in production (like the sound of a cash register opening or a lasers being fired at writers who refuse to write).

Provided that I finish this latest short story by the end of the week, I'll be finishing off the outline and plots for my upcoming novel. Not really sure how much I'm allowed to talk about that, since it was just accepted the other week. The publisher is one most of you are familiar with as he circulates through our little community. That January 1st deadline seems a hell of a lot closer now than it did last week...I better get to work.

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