Friday, September 30, 2011


It's been a productive week here in the OK Corral. Got another thousand words added to the sequel Wendell Null story, "Stranded with a Killer," in which our starship constable has crash landed with his worst rival and a recently convicted felon. But when the death that caused the crash seems to be murder, is the felon really the prime suspect?

I would have gotten more writing on that story done, but the paying gigs took over for a bit there. I did some reaserch for SupermomWFH, a stay at home fitness site. I provided more web content to Arcade Grab. I signed a deal with the guy who runs Get Exclusiv! and will be providing articles on a regular basis there (so you should go and comment on them so he sees how valued an employee I can be).

I also wrote up a quick story called "Chance Encounters," which I discussed in my last post. Just a quick commission piece that I have yet to find out where it will land on the great, wide, wonderful internet. The instructions he gave me were thus, "Write a sexy sci-fi story." Sexy? Well, I gave it my best shot without being too graphic. I don't do gratuitousness in stories. I believe things like that are better left to the imagination of the reader.

Right now I'm righting some ad copy for a new product that is basically a sports-themed puppy tent. If I had a dog I would consider buying one, but since I have a cat I doubt that he would enjoy it. Still, an interesting product that will soon be available and when you read about it just think about me.

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