Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fangs or no fangs?

Having just recieved a polite rejection from Comets and Criminals, I begin to wonder just how worn out vampires are in this industry. The story in question barely dealt with the bloodsuckers, but they were present, and the editor of the site told me that vampires are just too hard a sell.

When searching for a new magazine to submit the story to, I came across several more that basically said, "If your story has vampires, just move along." Have the billion dollar franchises of True Blood and Twilight ruined the market for the rest of us? And yet, they're still insanely popular. In fact, I'd wager that stories online featuring vampires in any respect would probably garner more attention/hits. Why are editors turning away a specific genre?


If move along I must, then move along I shall. Repacking the story and sending it over to Apex Magazine, which is certianly a colorful publication, vampires included. Their submission system is filtered through HeyPublisher, which is fine by me. It seems like a very efficient way of getting lots of stuff out to lots of different buyers.

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  1. Don't forget about the Vampire Diaries. I've always been a fan of the vampire myth. I love writing about them as well. But as you said there are very few places looking to pay for stories about them.

    The myth has been diluted from Stoker's version of the undead creature (that which consumes) to this romantic nonsense of sensitive vampires that give a frag about humans. While there most likely would be one or two in the population of the undead it certainly should not be the norm.

    One should not think warmly on those that feed on humanity, they should be fear for the monsters they are. The are walking corpses for cryin out loud!

    Great. Now I wanna write a vampire story...