Friday, September 16, 2011


Just finished off "Citizen Cog and the Vampire Society" and submitted that to Comets and Criminals. It's set in the 40s and features a very pulpy robotic secret agent who now works directly for a retired J. Edgar Hoover. A fun romp, written fairly quickly, and I hope they fit it in at their site because their site rocks. It doesn't hurt that they pay decently for such things, either.

Edited a few chapters of an excerpt from Derrick Ferguson's latest Dillon adventure, and when I say edited, I mean produced. I cut a theme for the character and cleaned up the first two chapters of audio. Sent that off to him and he seemed to really enjoy it. I miss producing audio like this, and even though it benefits him, I'm having a nostalgic blast. I miss radio.

And speaking of editing, I've had two such gigs thrown my way this week. One man was ready to hire me to edit his crime fiction novel, but when I told him there was no chance of my flying to Montreal to meet with him personally he pretty much backed down. He said he would give me a call, and even though his solicit said that telecommuting for this job was okay, he was hesitant to work with someone he couldn't meet face to face.

The other job just came this morning, through Fiverr of all places. I posted a few things I would do, mostly as a joke, but one of them actually got a response. I'm waiting to hear more details from the client, who wants me to rewrite his story.

Just started work once more on "Stranded with a Killer," the second story to feature Constable Wendell Null. I had begun this about, oh, four months ago and just never went back to it. Probably hit a wall somewhere along the line, but I'm determined to get this done. Mainly because the first story featuring this character sold quickly. This time the good Constable has crash-landed on an alien world while he was transferring a prisoner. Just before the crash one of the pilots was murdered. Cue the dramatic music.

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