Friday, September 23, 2011


Oh, it's been a busy week here at Casa de Golightly. I picked up a couple audio gigs and got some hits through Craigslist for editing work. When things eventually make their way online, I'll let you know so you can tell the site owner how much you love what you see and those involved should be paid way more then they were initially.

That novel I mentioned before? Yep, let's go ahead and make that official, seeing as how I have a deadline now. January 1st. How...appropriate. Well, you'll understand when you read it. And you WILL be reading it, won't you? Dude, I've got kids to feed, so of course you'll buy a copy when it's released around May 2012. It is fast approaching, isn't it? Good thing I have a prologue and three chapters completed.

Didn't have time to get any short stories finished and submitted this week due to an increasing volume of work through Fiverr. You'd think that it wouldn't be worth my time since you only get paid $5 per gig, with the site actually claiming a dollar off of every transaction. Still, these guys I've gotten as steady clients are paying for multiple gigs at once with very little work involved. I just do it during downtown at work during the day, averaging two or three gigs a day. It's paying for my gas, lunch, and then some.

By the way, if you happened to need some work done (writing, editing, audio, whatever) I would gladly accept any offer you made me. Seriously. Any offer. Within reason, that is.

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